Application field
The company is mainly engaged in the development, production and sales of chemical raw materials, reagents and food additives

Large power plants

Automobile industry: widely used in automobile production and repair bonding and sealing technology, the use of adhesive varieties phenolic, nitrile, phenolic - urea - silicone and other thermosetting structure, as well as epoxy resin, wet curing polyurethane sealant;

Textile industry: interlining cloth, carpet, luggage, bags and other manufacturing cannot do without adhesive, commonly used hot melt adhesive polyethylene, vinyl - vinyl acetate copolymer, polyester, polyamide, other nitrile rubber, neoprene rubber, polyurethane and so on.

Shoe industry: The application of adhesives in the shoe industry has reformed the traditional method of shoe making. The sole and upper are the main parts of shoes. The materials for making these parts include cotton products, synthetic fiber products, various natural and synthetic rubber products, polyurethane and various plastic products, etc. The combination and bonding of these materials depend on adhesives for various purposes. Chloroprene adhesive, polyurethane adhesive, hot melt adhesive, polyvinyl acetal adhesive, etc.;

Adhesive also known as adhesive, commonly known as "glue". It is a substance that connects two materials together through the adhesion and cohesion strength of the interface, without significant changes to the structure of the bonded material, and endowing the bonding surface with sufficient strength. The bonding of the interface overcomes the phenomenon of stress concentration during welding or riveting with adhesives. The bonding has good vibration resistance, fatigue resistance, uniform stress distribution, good sealing and so on. Adhesives can replace welding, riveting, bolts and other mechanical connections in many fields. They are suitable for the bonding of special-shaped and complex components, as well as for the bonding of sheet materials and small components. In aerospace, transportation, instrumentation, electronic appliances, textile, construction, wood processing, medical instruments, machinery manufacturing, daily necessities and other fields of adhesive and bonding technology has been widely used.